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The History Behind Abelardo Olive Oil

Abelardo Olive Oil is made in Spain under the Catalonian sun.

The company is family run by its current owners Ricardo and Miranda Gaché, who have an experienced team behind them creating the finest olive oils.

Ricardo's Grandparents  Jose Maria Carreras and Mari Pepa Colomer (the first woman pilot, pictured) had to leave Spain in 1939 when the civil war ended and started a new life in the UK.

It wasn't until  Franco died in 1975 that they were able to return once again to Spain and brought a holiday apartment in Salou, Tarragona.

Ricardo visited as a child every summer and fell in love with Spain and its way of life.  He has always wanted to return to his roots and has now been able to make the move!  

Ricardo and Miranda now have a 17 acre Olive farm near Tarragona and hence Abelardo Olive Oil was born. 

Abelardo Olive Oil is named after Ricardo's late father.

The only olives used in Abelardo Olive Oil are Arbequina olives, which the locals call liquid gold!!  It is one of the more delicate tasting olive oils.

Our oil is natural hand picked cold pressed unfiltered and full of anti oxidants and omega 3, 6 & 9.

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The Process

Abelardo Olive Oil is a completely natural Product.

All of our Arbequina olives are handpicked, cold pressed and packed with antioxidants, as well as Omega 3, 6 & 9.

Our olives are all grown under the Catalonian sun to provide you with the very best liquid gold.

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Health Benefits

As well as being packed full of Omega 3, 6 & 9 and Antioxidants, Abelardo Olive Oil has 12 Helpful features that could benefit your life for the better:
Lowers the risk of depression
Helps you feel full after a meal
Slows down heart ageing
Helps hair regain strength
Lowers the risk of colon and skin cancer
Helps keep skin healthy
Stops bones from loosing calcium
Clears wax from the ear and soothes ear ache
If taken on a regular basis, olive oil can reduce hypertension
Protection against type 2 diabetes
Helps with weight control and loss

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